Important Dates

Here you will find a list of important dates throughout the year, including application and tuition payment deadlines for LPC campers and counselors..

December 1:
Applications Received by LPC

All camper and counselor applications should be received by LPC’s central office by December 1 each year. Late applications will still be accepted, but full consideration cannot be guaranteed and receipt of late applications will not be acknowledged. To request an application form, please email and send the completed form to the same address, or send your request via post to:

Luethi-Peterson Camps International
Turenmattenstrasse 14
Meiringen 3860


Christmas and New Year:
Camper and Counselor Selections

Camp sites, directors, counselors, and camper groups are selected during the annual “Christmas Conference” which takes place at the end of December and through the beginning of January. Invitation letters are sent to campers and counselors at the beginning of January. As LPC often receives more applications than can be accomodated in the program for the forthcoming summer, interested participants can ask to be considered for the waiting list in case places become available before the start of camps.


End of January:
Acceptances Received by LPC

Acceptance of a place in camp should be received by LPC no later than January 31. If acceptance of a place in camp is not received by the stated deadline, that place will be offered to someone else on the waiting list. Acceptance of a place in camp should also be accompanied by a deposit in order to secure it.


Deposits Received by LPC

After accepting the offer of a place in camp, a financial deposit to secure a place should be received by LPC no later than February 15.


Full Tuition Fees Paid

The full tuition for a place in camp should be received by LPC in May 1st. The actual deadline varies from year to year, but it will be specified in the invitation letters sent out by camp directors.


July and August:
Camps Take Place!