The Third LPC Silent Auction was a big success!

Hello LPC Friends,
Our third LPC Silent Auction, which ended Nov. 6, raised $6,211 ($578 was from donations to the LPC Endowment fund).  This was slightly more than we raised from last year’s auction, which is wonderful!

There were 54 active participants, who between them made 202 bids on a total of 52 items and experiences offered by members of the LPC community.  The three most popular items were: a Swedish hand-made multi-wood butterknife, hand-knit socks, and Cwmcoch Black Welsh Mountain Wool.

Many thanks to all who helped make this auction work so well to benefit LPC.  We welcome feedback on how it went, and are also happy to help with any problems that might come up with receiving your winning item.  Please email us at:

From the Silent Auction Team (Nina Horáková, Sara Bartholomew, Frida Tidén)