Update January 2021

Dear Campers, Staff Members and Families of LPC,

Over the past few months, the European Central Office has gotten many requests for applications and interest in camps for this summer. It has been heart-warming to feel this support. Like many plans and events over the past year and for the foreseeable future, we are unable to say with certainty whether Luethi-Peterson Camps and related activities can take place this summer due to continuing concerns for staff and camper safety.

While this pandemic has been a very hard challenge for continuing our normal summer camps, we hope to recreate some LPC spirit in some form this summer. Some ideas we had during our annual conference were: (i) localized summer camps where campers and staffers within a small geographic region may be able to meet for shortened versions of LPC camps; (ii) localized day camps; (iii) localized offers which may include overnight hikes, day hikes, 1-2 hours of folkdancing, distanced singing and other camp-like activities similar to Support Group weekends; (iv) Work Camp Opportunities which would include working on various projects for some of our houses including Freedom (USA), Birch Point (USA), and Heggnes (Norway); (v) digital workshops and activities similar to the digital treasure hunt and Camp Birthday last summer.

While it is exciting to think that some of the above may be possible this summer, it is very important to stress that this is all dependent on what the situation will be in the coming months.

By April we hope to have a clearer vision of what will be possible this summer. We would also like to hear from you and what your interest in LPC is for this summer. If you are interested in receiving more information about the LPC program for this summer, please fill the form: https://cutt.ly/LPC2021InterestForm.

By filling in this form, we will put you on our mailing list to receive updates on the situation for LPC 2021. We will also be providing updates via our website.

I hope wherever you are, you are well, staying safe and were able to celebrate this festive season in some way or form

On behalf of Luethi Peterson Camps Int.

Executive Committee: Francesca Memè, Tommaso Besozzi and Tomek Chilarski