Fundraiser for Nepali students to attend camp

Fundraiser for Nepali students to attend camp:

Four young people from rural Nepali villages in Sindupalchowk District have been accepted to Luethi-Peterson Camps (LPC), international summer camps held in Europe and the United States. While LPC has offered full financial assistance for these four girls, it puts a huge burden on the organization which is family-run and volunteer-based. LPC International has asked for help fundraising to supplement the funds they are offering. Not only do the four girls need assistance with the camp tuition, but also with many other expenses including passport and visa fees, gear, travel insurance, and flights to and from the camp site.

These four girls are the host sisters to six teachers who have been living in rural villages in central Nepal for the past year – one of the teachers is LPCer Sachi, who explains:

“We lived with Nepali families who took us in as their own, teaching us everything about how to live and thrive in a Nepali community. Our four host sisters have been integral to our experience in Nepal. They each immediately welcomed us, the only foreigners in their village, to their home, school, and community. They have spent so much of their time sharing everything about their world with us, being patient with our misunderstandings and mistakes while trying to navigate a new culture and language. Each of them have impressed us with their independence, love for sharing their culture, energy, boldness, resilience, and maturity. Attending LPC would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them, as they wouldn’t otherwise be able to leave the country, let alone take a break from the duties of a Nepali daughter.”

Please consider expanding LPC’s reach and supporting these young people – even a small amount goes a long way!

Here are some examples of the expenses we are anticipating per camper:

Camp tuition: $1,300-$1,500
Flight: ~$1,000
Visa fee: ~$200
Passport fee: $100
Sleeping bag: ~$100
Travel insurance for 4 weeks: $60-$200
Hiking backpack: ~$60
Hiking shoes: ~$60
Toiletries: ~$30
Raincoat: ~$25
Water bottle: ~$5
Socks: ~$5