Welcome to Luethi-Peterson Camps! (Home Page)

Welcome to Luethi-Peterson Camps!

Members of Luethi-Peterson Camps believe that good human relations and responsible community living can best be learned by personal experience at an early age.

International understanding

We believe that strife among people of different national, racial, and religious backgrounds stems from fear of the unknown, that both fear and ignorance can be overcome to bring young people together from differing backgrounds and giving them the opportunity to live, work, play, and learn together over a period of several weeks in summer camps.


It is our firm conviction that such experience provides the necessary basis for a better understanding among peoples as well as the independent thinking, self-reliance, and sense of responsibility needed by the individual participants to deal with a world which grows steadily smaller and a world population increasingly interdependent.

In keeping with the goal of promoting an inclusive society in which people are valued for their human worth, LPC does not discriminate on any grounds, including race, colour, religion, age, economic background, national or ethnic origin, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

The LPC Central Office is located in the Ecole d’Humanité, an international school in Hasliberg-Goldern, Switzerland, which Natalie and Armin Luethi-Peterson directed for many years. Over the years, the school and the camp have mutually benefited each other as campers cross over to become students at the school and vice-versa. For more information about the Ecole d’Humanite, go to: https://www.ecole.ch


Please click on the play button below to view the three minute video “What is LPC?” created by Pip Cree. In it Pip describes how the Luethi-Peterson Camps began, the first camp in 1949, and LPC’s vision. She also asks several people to describe LPC in just three words.